Strabismus Surgery

Strabismus surgery, also known as extraocular muscle surgery, eye muscle surgery,
or eye alignment surgery, addresses extraocular muscles to correct the misalignment of
the eyes. With approximately 1.2 million procedures each year, extraocular muscle
surgery is the third most common eye surgery in the United States.
Strabismus surgery is a one-day procedure. Minimal preoperative preparation is
required, and the patient spends only a few hours in the hospital.
After surgery, the patient should expect soreness and redness. In cases of re-
operations, more pain is expected. Resection of the muscles is more painful in the post-
operative period than recession. It also leaves redness that lasts longer and may cause
some vomiting in the early post-operative period.
The patient’s eye is covered to prevent light from entering. It is advisable for the
patient to wear this, since stimulus to the eye (e.g., light, rolling of eyes) will cause

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